When you make a financial gift to Choices Clinic & Life Resource Center, you aren’t just supporting our services. You’re upholding the dignity of the unborn and helping women to create happy, thriving families in a world that often tells them it’s impossible.

Moms everywhere are told that continuing a pregnancy is impossible. They won’t accomplish their goals, finish their education, or have the freedom to do what they wish.

We’re here to remind them that motherhood, whether that occurs through parenting or placing a child for adoption, is empowering. And they are more capable than they think.

Why Your Gift Matters

With your generosity, we can:

  • Provide life-affirming services like pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and options information sessions
  • Connect new and expectant parents with material resources, parenting classes, community referrals, and more
  • Offer STI testing and treatment to help safeguard clients’ health
  • Provide a compassionate abortion grief recovery class to help clients recover from the pain of abortion
  • Supply continuous emotional support during the decision-making process, pregnancy, birth, and beyond
  • Offer all these services in a free and confidential environment

Your help ensures that our clients never have financial concerns when they visit us. No one should worry about fees when confirming their pregnancy, and they should always be able to make decisions in a loving, safe environment.

With your support, they can move forward and know they’ll be cared for. And you’ll be sharing the love and hope of God with those in your community. Remember, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy could be your neighbor, fellow churchgoer, family member, friend, or coworker. The need is closer than you think.

Please consider making a financial gift today.  When you join the Choices Clinic family, you’re participating in an incredible pro-life community.

Help us support moms and babies today. Your gift will last a lifetime.



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